Phase 1:  Demo Videos
Phase 2:  Online Demo
Phase 3:  30-Day Trial

I.  How to Sign Up for an Online Demonstration (Phase 2)
A.  The easiest way to schedule an Online Demonstration is to simply call Cabinet Pro LLC at (541) 664-2808.

B.  Fill out the request form below and then click the Submit button.  A confirmation email will be sent to you.  Your demonstration time is not effective until you have been sent a confirmation email!

II.  How to Participate in an Online Demonstration
A.  For a demonstration, we prefer using Skype (free) for communication rather than the telephone.  Prior to your scheduled demo, sign up to use Skype and make cabinetpro_support one of your contacts.  At the time of your scheduled demo, give Cabinet Pro LLC a call via Skype.  (If you prefer using the telephone, call Cabinet Pro LLC at (541) 664-2808 at the time of your scheduled demonstration.)
B.  A representative will give you a number to enter at our Remote Access page in order for you to view our computer.
D.  Our representative will then show you any aspect of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro on which you may have questions, and that the Demo Videos did not answer.


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3D Presentation General Setup Customizing Cutlists Panel Optimization Cabinet Editor
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Editing Cabinets Hardware Material Reports Tool Setup Door Editor
Autofill Walls Material Edgebanding CNC Output Door Library
Dimensioning Accessories Exporting Cutlists Making Tool Paths Backup System
Custom Photographs Job Analysis Post Processor Global Changes
Making Walls Presentation Doc. General Setup
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