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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  March 23, 2018 at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2018.3.9B

1.      If you have not done so already, make sure you follow the instructions for preparing your system for the new panel optimizer.  These instructions may be found by selecting View – Current Update Notes from the drop-down menu at the top of the opening screen of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.

2.      There exists a new parameter (Parameter #0) at the Panel Optimizer setup screen that will allow the following:

a.      Have Cabinet Pro use left-over remnants BEFORE using full sheets, even if doing so would result in a lower yield.

b.      Have Cabinet Pro use left-over remnants if and only if it would result in a better yield.  This means that some or all remnants may or may not be used.

c.      Have Cabinet Pro use ONLY left-over remnants without using full sheets.  This is sometimes useful if you have quite a few remnants and simply want to use them up.

d.      Have Cabinet Pro use ONLY full sheets without using left-over remnants in Inventory.


3.      The Premium Optimizer will be active for about 20-30 days as a trial period for those who have not purchased the new module.  The Premium Optimizer allows the following:

a.      Use of left-over remnants to virtually eliminate material waste

b.      Automatically store remnants in Inventory for use in another job

c.      Allow some parts to be rotated (when grained) for a better yield

d.      Prohibit some parts from EVER being rotated, even on MDF

e.      Choice of Optimization Method per cutlist

f.       Send parts from EACH cutlist to a CNC router or to a panel saw

g.      View and Control the ORDER in which parts are cut out

h.      Re-Optimize with different settings

i.        View the detailed and dimensioned Machining of each part

j.        Remove parts at the optimization screen and then automatically re-optimize

k.      Customize labels per part and the information on those labels

l.        For nested CNC routers, allows the making of single part CNC Files directly from the Report Selection window


4.      At the Part Names category of the Global Changes setup screen there now exist two columns of part names: Long Names and Short Names.  The Long Names are the same as those previously defined and used throughout Cabinet Pro and Door Pro.

5.      Both Long Names and Short Names may be customized to your own preferences.  Short Names, if customized, should still remain as short as possible.

6.      Short Names along with Long Names may now be used for CNC File Names as defined at the CNC File Options category of the General CNC Options setup screen.

7.      Short Names are used when labeling small parts on the Optimizer where space is limited.

8.      All CNC users must access the CNC File Options category of the General CNC Options setup screen to define how your CNC files will be named.  You will have quite a few options, including the ability to swap the order of your selections.  The order in which your selections appear will dictate the order in which the CNC file names will be made.

9.      If you have a nested CNC router, make sure you define the point-to-point file name as well.  It will be needed in #5 below.

10.    At the CNC Machine Setup screen, there is now a checkbox within the “Location of CNC Files” box that allows CNC Files to be stored in a Job Folder under the main file location. For example, if you process Job 19 and your main file location folder is “C:\Cabinet Pro\CNC” then the CNC files will be located in a newly created folder, “C:\Cabinet Pro\CNC\Job 19”.  These files will only be deleted if job 19 is re-processed.

11.    At the Report Selection screen, there is now a new button titled, “Process a Single Part Files”, where you can easily and quickly create individual part files for CNC re-processing. The names of these single part files will be defined via #2 and #3 above. (Available only for nested machines, not point-to-point machines.)


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