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Update Notes for this Version
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Date Posted:  December 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific Standard Time)
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Version 2017.12.3B

1.      At the end of these notes are some enhancements under serious consideration.  If you have any to add, please email us at support@cabinetpro.com with your suggestions.

2.      A number of alterations have been made to the Separate Toekick that allows the entire box to be situated within the ends.

3.      A new option has been added to the toekick style existing at the Toe Kicks category of the Cabinet Case Building Methods screen. This new option allows a toe box to exist within the sides of a cabinet, in addition to the other 6 options.

4.      A new part (Part #59) has been added to Cabinet Pro: drawer rails per drawer guide. These rails, extending into the depth of a cabinet, are used to mount drawer guides in faceframe mode.  This part is defined per drawer guide at the Drawer Guide Parameters screen.

5.      The new Drawer Rails discussed in #2 above may also become horse shoe-shaped with a back placed between the left and right rails.  If this is chosen at the Drawer Parameter setup for a given drawer guide, then this back piece will be flush against the back of the cabinet.

6.      Stretchers extending from both left to right and those extending from front to rear are now supported via the Smart CNC Rules.  Previously, only those extending from left to right were supported.

7.      At the Face Frame Widths and Overlaps category of the Room Info Setup screen, the rail and stile overlaps were reversed.  This has been corrected on this version so please make the appropriate changes in your setup.  (Faceframe mode only)

8.      At the Door and Drawer Reveals category of the Room Info Setup screen, the vertical and horizontal reveals were reversed.  This has been corrected on this version so please make the appropriate changes in your setup.  (Frameless mode only)

9.      If you would like a Drop-Down box to show on your Opening Screen that allows the quick changing of rooms, then you may turn this feature on via Setup – Program Operations.  (This feature was removed in October and is now being re-instated as an option.)

10.    Under some circumstances, large jobs sometimes were processed with a few parts being assigned wrong material. This has been resolved.

11.    A new Category has been added to the Bidding Setup Screen that will allow more control over what is being displayed and what is being hidden for each Bid Setup.

12.    Some of the Display options have been moved to this new Category titled, “Hide/Show Bidding Categories”.

13.    For CNC Operations:  The Smart CNC Rules now utilize the height adjustment for drawer dividers (Parameter #123) while processing the location of that part, making use of offsets no longer necessary. For example, if Parameter #123 is set to -3/8”, then the machining for drawer dividers will be lowered by 3/8”.

14.    Some changes have been made to the Cutlist Editor for better clarification of tracking and consolidating features.

15.    When adding a new inventory record of panel or lumber, much of the information from your highlighted material is copied to the new record if and only if you are displaying the Panel and Lumber Inventory screen.

16.    The following are some of the enhancements having priority and under serious consideration:

a.       Changing the face frame inset into cabinet sides to be separate for left and right sides

b.       Changing the nailer inset into cabinet sides to be separate for left and right sides

c.       Allowing “Slow Optimization (considers no grain material)” or “Fast Optimization (ignores no grain material)”

d.       Changing the Optimization with a toggle to switch from Panel Saw Optimization or CNC Optimization

e.       Smart CNC rules for drilling hinge holes in doors

f.        Smart CNC rules for guide holes for pull-out shelves

g.       Supporting accurate machining on Vertical Partitions with CNC Smart Rules

h.       Automatic pie cutting is being developed for Lazy Susan cabinets having different lengths and depths on each leg.














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