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CNC Processing

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Automated machining on any number of parts for any specialized hardware.


Instead of cutting to a given depth, we can leave a thickness.  For example, cut into a .7124” sheet and LEAVE 3/8”.

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Horizontal boring on one part can be made to automatically match vertical drilling on an intersecting part.


Ensure perfect grain matching even when two doors are under one door. Have a separate tool automatically cut out the two doors.


Have the spindle speed, feed rate, and plunge rate automatically change per panel material.

Cabinet Pro Drawer Bank.jpg

Select a different tool and its direction of cut per material.

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Cabinet Pro and Door Pro utilize a User-Defined Post processor that can be changed by the User to his/her preferences.


Supports multiple routers with different languages. Have a Biesse router machine and cut out door and drawer parts, while a Homag CNC router machines and cuts out case parts.

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