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Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements


  • All software requires a WINDOWS operating system with Administrative Rights

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows VISTA, or Windows XP

  • Make sure your particular version of Windows is up-to-date with its upgrades.  This is extremely important, especially with Windows 10

  • Windows 11, installed on a PC, is the best platform for this software.

  •  If you have Windows 7 it is suggested that you upgrade to at least Windows 8.1 for best performance with this software.

  • The installer must have Administrative permissions in one of the supported WINDOWS operating systems (shown above).

  • 6GB Disk Space or more

  • A minimum of 1024x768 Resolution OR preferably greater

  • 16GB RAM or more are recommended, however 8GB RAM are sufficient, especially if not many programs are being run simultaneously.

  • Sound Card (for Video Tutorials)

  • Graphics Card should support OpenGL graphics (which the great majority already do)

  • If you purchase the Network module, then you can have all data files existing on a single Server to be accessed by all users.  But the software installs on, and only on, a computer's C-Drive.  All virus, spyware, and computer protection must be off when installing Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.  This software makes extensive use of zip files when creating backups, so please add Cabinet Pro or Door Pro to your list of security exceptions.

  • Microsoft.NET Framework.  The great majority of computers have this software installed.  It is required for the Panel Optimizer used in Cabinet Pro and Door Pro.  If the Optimizer does not operate after installation, then this Framework, Version 2.0.50727, needs to be downloaded and installed from Microsoft.  It is a free download.

  • Note:  Cabinet Pro and Door Pro will operate on computers with less than these minimum requirements, but performance will probably not be optimum.  Program crashes (without data loss)  may occur on computers with memory less than 16GB.


  • There are some operating systems that may offer simulated WINDOWS environments.  For example, Apple computers are commonly known for being able to emulate a WINDOWS operating system with the addition of 3rd party software (for example, Bootcamp or Parallels).  Although we have had customers report that their Apple computers use such 3rd party software successfully with Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, we do not guarantee nor support 3rd party software or hardware that is meant to emulate the Windows operating system.  We have received reports of graphics becoming corrupted while using Parallel.  Although some of these situations have been resolved via technical support, some situations have not been resolved.  Therefore we cannot promise that our graphics will operate flawlessly with Parallel or any Windows emulation operating system.  If you have a non-Windows computer, such as an Apple, then please be aware that you may have to purchase a WINDOWS based PC to operate Cabinet Pro.

  • Note:  There is a setting in Parallels that isolates Windows from the Mac.  Using this setting makes the two machines completely separate so files and other information cannot be shared between the two operating systems.  The processor running Windows will be dedicated to that operating system and totally separate from the Mac.  This setting should be turned on, otherwise Panel Optimization will generate errors. 

  • In general, Apple Computers, even those equipped with Parallels, are in most cases incompatible with many of the more advanced features of Cabinet Pro and Door Pro.  It is therefore strongly suggested that a PC with a WINDOWS 10 (or higher) operating system be used instead.

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