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Meet the Team

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Eliana Jimenez

(Habla Español)

As the Marketing Director of Cabinet Pro LLC., Eliana is the main organizational force of all administrative operations within Cabinet Pro. Originally from Ecuador, her first language is Spanish while her English is impeccable.  As in many small family businesses Eliana wears many hats which enhance customer support, customer relations, office administration, and all marketing of Cabinet Pro and Door Pro software.

Eliana has been involved in the continuous development of Cabinet Pro LLC as a company since 2001 and is directly responsible for the outstanding reputation Cabinet Pro LLC has acquired in the very important areas of problem resolution, technical support, and general customer satisfaction.

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Frank D. Jimenez

Frank graduated from California State University at Sacramento with a degree in Chemistry, and conducted post-graduate work in Mathematics.  He taught High School Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics for 8 years before starting a cabinet shop by the name of Siskiyou Products that specialized in face frame cabinetry and furniture. Siskiyou Products quickly evolved to become a software company in 1986, as well as a cabinet shop, whose main focus was software for cabinetry and the woodworking industry.


Frank has been involved in the continuous development of Cabinet Pro and Door Pro software since the company’s beginning as its president and main programmer.  He has also given numerous lectures at woodworking shows since 1990 on various topics of interest to the professional cabinetmaker. 


Valerie Piro

Valerie is Cabinet Pro's Social Media Manager and as such she has expanded the company's customer reach by her involvement with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Her daily posts increase brand presence while providing relevant industry information to current and future customers.  

Valerie brings her personal touch to online marketing by implementing new campaigns and promotional tactics.  One of them being the Feature Friday where she presents the beautiful work our customers have done with Cabinet Pro Software.

Cabinet Pro LLC started in 1982 as a small part-time cabinet shop in the Applegate Valley located in Southwestern Oregon where Frank Jimenez was a full time teacher of high school Chemistry & Physics.   After 3 years of making furniture and cabinets, the frustration of making too many mistakes in figuring out a cutlist became the motivating factor to create a software program with a Commodore 64 (remember that?) to handle the cutlist and shop drawings that were in dire need of accuracy and speed!  There, with that 1 MHz Commodore 64,  computerization of cabinetry was born.

From its beginning Cabinet Pro and Door Pro have been continually developed to meet and surpass the expectations of the industry, while at the same time being reasonably priced.

Fast forward to now, Cabinet Pro Software delivers Shop Drawings, 3D Renderings, Cutlists, Material, Door, and Bidding Reports, Panel Optimization, Labels, Automatic Generation of Direct CNC Code, Grain Matching, CSV Export/Import, Networking, Section Views, and more.  Cabinet Pro is SimplyPowerful®! 

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