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Known Issues


If your computer locks up with a blue screen when panel optimization is attempted, you will need to activate .NET Framework 3.5, which is required to register the assembly language engine that operates the Panel Optimizer.

When Cabinet Pro or Door Pro is first run after installation, Windows' supporting files are accessed from .NET Framework 3.5.  Under rare cases, this Framework may not be present or active on your computer, especially if the computer was custom built or Windows was installed after purchase.  To activate .NET Framework 3.5 do the following:

1. Access "Programs and Features" via your Control Panel. (You may have to press "Programs" first.)
2. Select the option, "Turn Windows Features on or off".
3. Activate .NET Framework 3.5, Apply the changes, and then re-start your computer.
4. Re-load Cabinet Pro (or Door Pro).

Alternatively, you may download .NET Framework 3.5 and 2.0 from Microsoft. (Free Download) 


Data Execution Prevention
Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a WINDOWS security feature that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats.  If you have this turned on and you find installation is not registering system files or the software fails to launch, then turn your DEP off, install Cabinet Pro, and then turn it back on.  After you have turned it on, add Cabinet Pro or Door Pro to its safe list.  The method shown below is but one example.  Your computer may have a different pathway to your DEP.

  1. Open System by clicking the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties OR click the Start button and then type "advanced system settings" in the SEARCH field.

  2. Click Advanced system settings.  If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  3. Under Performance, click Settings.

  4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab. Generally, the option, "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only", should be selected and there should exist no programs in the space below these options. If you are having problems launching Cabinet Pro or Door Pro with this setting, then continue to Step 5 below.

  5. Click "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select."

  6. To turn off DEP for an individual program, select the check box next to the program that you want to turn off DEP for, and then click OK.

    If the program is not in the list, click Add. Browse to the Program Files folder, find the executable file for the program (it will have an .exe file name extension), and then click Open.

  7. Click OK. Next, click OK in the System Properties dialog box if it appears, and then click OK again. You might need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

  8. To turn on DEP for a program, clear the check box next to the program for which you want to turn on DEP, and then click OK

NOTE:  Some anti-virus programs may turn DEP on automatically via an option checkbox. Check with your anti-virus vendor for details. If you are concerned that MS WINDOWS updates may be turning DEP on, simply check the DEP feature after a WINDOWS update has occurred.


There are a few common reasons why Cabinet Pro or Door Pro will operate very slowly on your computer.

1.  The most common reason is the presence of anti-virus and anti-spam software. In almost all cases, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that are actively monitoring running software make Cabinet Pro and Door Pro operate much slower than when those programs are turned off.


2.  We have consistently had problems with the operation of Cabinet Pro with WebRoot and Avast (anti-virus software) so it is strongly suggested that this software is either uninstalled or turned off when using Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, or that you contact your anti-virus software's technical support to have your anti-virus software completely ignore Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.


3.  In general, Cabinet Pro operates much better and faster when all monitoring anti-virus software is turned off. They should be turned on, however, when accessing the Internet, opening suspicious email, or operating questionable software.  (At Cabinet Pro LLC, we use PC-Matic anti-virus software with no problems and no sluggish operation of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.)

4.  Your graphics drivers are in need of being updated.  Check to make sure you have the most recent release of your graphics driver.

5.  You do not have the most up-to-date version of WINDOWS on your computer.  Even if your computer is new, it may not have the most current version of WINDOWS.  To fix this issue, simply update your version of Windows with the same version, but with a more recent release.


Generally, installations on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are among the best of Microsoft's operating systems.  Before installing Cabinet Pro or Door Pro onto your computer, make sure,

1.  You have completely disabled all protection software (i.e., anti-virus and anti-spam software).  If this is not done, it is guaranteed that you will have installation problems.

2.  You have administrative rights to install software.  You will not be allowed to install if you do not have administrative rights.

3.  You have the most up-to-date version of WINDOWS on your computer.  (Even if your computer is new, it may not have the most current version of WINDOWS.)  It is absolutely critical to have the most current version of WINDOWS on your computer, otherwise you risk having the Installation program not registering your DLL and OCX files properly, if at all.


Generally, installations on Windows 8 are very smooth.  Before installing Cabinet Pro or Door Pro onto your computer, make sure,

1.  All protection software are disabled (i.e., anti-virus and anti-spam software).

2.  You have administrative rights to install software.

3.  You have the most up-to-date version of WINDOWS on your computer.  (Even if your computer is new, it may not have the most current version of WINDOWS.)

But in some installations of Windows 8, we have found that the system files are not allowed to register or to function properly, due many times to computer security.  If this is the case, then do the following:

From the Start Menu, select "Run", and then type, "regedit", followed by pressing the ENTER key.  This will enter the Registry.  Warning:  Be very careful in this area!  Incorrect alterations can disable your computer!  Upon request, Cabinet Pro LLC will perform these changes for you via remote support free of charge.

Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
Key: EnableLUA
Value data: 0

Setting this key to "0" will disable your User Account Control settings, allowing programs such as Cabinet Pro to operate without obtaining your permission.  However, this also allows malicious software to operate within your computer without your permission.  So discuss this matter with Cabinet Pro LLC before disabling your UAC.

The Most Common Issues:

Data Execution Prevention will halt the operation of Cabinet Pro if its permissions do not include Cabinet Pro (or Door Pro).  To ensure your DEP is not preventing Cabinet Pro from operating, access Advanced System Properties - Performance - Settings, and then press the Data Execution Prevention tab.  Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.

OCX files may not register correctly in the new SysWOW64 folder.  They need to be copied into the System32 folder and then manually registered from there using regsvr32.exe, which will probably exist in the system32 folder.  This should be done AFTER installation of Cabinet Pro.

Graphics Issues in Windows 8
In some cases when dimensions are placed on your shop drawings they may be blurry or fuzzy.  Access the Video Help Center from within Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, and enter the word, "blurry" in the FIND field.  A video will appear that will explain how to resolve this issue.


A number of problems have occurred under WINDOWS 7.   It is suggested that you have no virus programs operating and that this operating system is current with all updates.  Although Cabinet Pro and Door Pro operate within Windows 7, our best suggestion is that a computer running WINDOWS 7 be upgraded to WINDOWS 8 or WINDOWS 10 (preferred).


In some cases, Windows Installer comes on each time the software is run, even after a successful installation.  Windows Installer can be turned on or off with the following procedure:

1. Go to control panel
2. Click Administrative tools
3. Select Services
4. Highlight windows installer & right click over it
5. Right Click and then select Properties
6. In the Start Up Type drop-down box, select "Automatic" to turn it on, and "Disable" to turn it off.
7. Press OK to Exit


Generally, installations on Windows XP are very smooth and have no problems.


Update your driver
Go to the NVIDIA website, click Drivers - GeForce Drivers, and then Auto Detect your GPU.  Follow the prompts to update your graphics driver.

Try setting the NVIDIA quality to the best, set (under Texture Filtering) Anisotropic mip filter optimization to ON, and set Anisotropic sample optimization to ON.

Make sure the graphics setting is on "Integrated Graphics", not "High Performance" (which is essentially for gaming).

If these settings do not work, give NVIDIA support a call and alter your settings according to their instructions.  Please let us know what works so that we may update our suggestions here.

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