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Cabinet Pro CNC

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Cabinet Pro CNC Software produces the CNC code directly from the cutlist and panel optimized parts in several languages.


We support all G-Code variations, Woodwop for the Weeke and Homag, Biesseworks, Hops (Holzher), Xylog, Wincut, and HPGL.

Our user-defined setup allows automatic machining based upon your preferences.

Our Smart CNC rules will automatically place machining for adjustable shelf holes, dado cuts or dowel holes for vertical and horizontal partitions, drawer guide holes, hinge plate holes, system holes, and more.

Dowel construction, blind dado construction, or any custom style of construction are supported such that you can switch from one style of CNC machining to another by simply changing construction methods.

General Features

  • No 3rd Party software is used anywhere in Cabinet Pro. All software, to include optimization and photorealistic graphics, are proprietary to Cabinet Pro LLC

  • Face frame and frameless construction with no limit to how many setups

  • Full Overlay and Inset Doors are fully supported

  • Exports the cut list to RazorGage Machines, Tiger Loader, Giben Panel Saws, Omga, Accu-Systems OCS, MillVision, Weiner Dimter Opticut, MS Excel.

  • Customized Batched Cutlist Reports, Individual Cutlist Reports, Door and Drawer Reports, Edgebanding reports.

  • Each cutlist report may utilize heavy or light designations.

  • Video tutorials on each screen explaining the use of that screen.

  • Multiple workstations may utilize our Network module to store selected data on one computer accessed by all workstations.

  • 3D design with premium graphics showing floorplan, elevations, and individual cabinets.

  • Entertainment centers, modular, custom, and angled cabinets

  • Slanted cabinets to fit an angled ceiling

  • Angled and curved cabinets

  • All drawer styles to include horseshoe drawer boxes

  • Dovetail and half-blind dovetail machining (on most routers)

  • Doors and drawers with or without cabinets

  • Can switch between inches and mm at any time

  • Security system allows users to log in with restricted use of the software

  • Use American, Canadian, Australian, or UK English

  • Import cabinet jobs and/or doors via a customized Excel sheet.

  • Cabinet Pro handles up to 2,500 cabinets per job. Each part of each of those 2,500 cabinets can be made of a unique material.

  • The pricing module supports Smart Hardware Rules that automatically add or remove hardware based upon design.

  • The pricing module has evolved over a 20-year period to support just about any pricing method.

  • The pricing module allows 3 bids to be given instead of just 1.  This allows for good, better, and best bids that allow the customer to have more options.

CNC Features

  • All CNC machining is based upon design.  When the design changes, so does the machining (without further adjustments).

  • Horizontal Boring (on selected routers)

  • Supports Lockdowel, Rafix, and other Connectors for 3 axis or 5 axis routers.

  • Automatic Tool Selection when making dado and rabbet cuts.

  • Supports Tool Compensation

  • Several methods of effectively handling small parts

  • Labels can be carved directly into selected parts

  • Supports nested, point-to-point, and pod & rail CNC routers

  • Smart CNC Rules make CNC Machining Material Independent

  • Automatically moves machining closer to edge by the thickness of Edgebanding on that edge

  • Control the order in which tools are used

  • Control the order in which parts are cut out

  • Automatically adjust spindle speed, feed rate, and plunge rate per material.

  • Automatically use specified tool for part cutout per material

  • Automatically select direction of part cutout per material

  • Option to cut a part out with two different tools: the first pass is slightly oversized and rough, while the 2nd cut is a finishing cut to dimension with a different tool.

  • Use Tabs or Skins of specified thickness per material, based on size of part or on all parts.

  • Globally change from one method of construction to another simply by changing the Global Construction Setup, and the entire job will have its cut list, bid, and CNC machining changed accordingly with no further adjustments.

  • All features described as "automatic" above must be created, programmed, and set up by the User.  In addition, although sample setups exist within Cabinet Pro, they require modification and must be customized by the User to fit the needs and requirements of the User and his/her company.  One-on-one training, some of which may be part of a purchase, helps to accomplish these tasks.  In addition, Video Tutorials at Cabinet Pro's Video Help Center are designed to guide the new User to be successful in setting up Cabinet Pro for his/her shop.

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Picture provided by R. Manning Jr. Millworks in San Marcos, CA


  • Prints cabinet labels with numerous user-defined options.

  • Prints part labels with numerous user-defined options.

  • Prints post-optimized part labels with numerous user-defined options.

  • For the CNC Version, Cabinet Pro also offers the option of carving each cabinet number, room number, and part name into the part itself while machining on the CNC router.

  • Data Options for Carved Labels into each part:  Part Name, Cabinet #, Job #, Room #, Edge Banded Sides (For those who want this data to be etched directly onto the part by the CNC router, the user has the option of defining on which parts labels should be carved, and which parts should be left blank.)

  • Data Options for Paper Part Labels:  Part #, Part Name, Quantity, Width, Length, Thickness, Material, Cabinet #, Width x Length, Job #, Customer Name, Edge Banding Color, Edge Banded Sides, Machining Notes.

  • Data Options for Paper Cabinet Labels:  Cabinet ID, Cab Dimensions, Quantiy, Doors, Hinge Side, Drawers, Shelves, Room, Job #, Customer Name

  • Data Options for Paper Optimized Parts:  Panel ID, Panel #, Cabinet Name, Cabinet #, Part Name, Part #, Part Dimensions, Job No., X-coordinate, Y-coordinate, Door Style, Customer Name, Room Name, Edge Banding Color, Edge Banded Sides

Cabinet Pro is the premier software of choice when complete flexibility and customization is required.

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