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Cabinet Pro Standard (non-CNC)



Set up Cabinet Pro to build cabinets, either modular or custom, based upon your method of construction. 


Customize your cutlist reports to show the information in the format you require. Supports all drawer boxes, including horseshoe drawer boxes (shown at the left).


Create frameless cabinets and/or face frame cabinets in the same job.  Change all of your doors to another style by the click of a few keys. 


Create several bidding methods to give your customer accurate bids and invoices.  Present your customer with an impressive 3D Presentation of the job you are bidding.

General Features

  • Face frame and frameless construction

  • Parameter driven software supports ALL construction methods.

  • Grain Matching - both Vertical and Horizontal

  • Full Overlay and Inset Doors are fully supported

  • Customized Batched Cutlist Reports, Individual Cutlist Reports, Door and Drawer Reports, Edgebanding reports.

  • Each cutlist report may utilize heavy or light designations.

  • Exports the cutlist to RazorGage Machines, Tiger Loader, MS Excel, and more.

  • Panel Optimization, allowing left over remnants to be saved and used in future jobs

  • 3D design with premium graphics showing plan view, elevations, section views, and individual cabinets.

  • Entertainment centers, modular, custom, and angled cabinets

  • Slanted cabinets to fit an angled ceiling

  • Entertainment Centers, modular, custom, angled and curved cabinets and countertops

  • Supports ALL drawer box styles to include horseshoe drawer boxes

  • Doors and drawers with or without cabinets

  • Can switch between inches and mm at any time

  • Security system allows users to log in with restricted use of the software

  • Use American, Canadian, Australian, or UK English

  • Import cabinet jobs and/or doors via a customized Excel sheet.

  • Cabinet Pro handles up to 2,500 cabinets per job. 

  • Automatically add or remove hardware based upon design.

  • Supports just about any pricing method!

  • and more...

Cabinet Pro is the premier software of choice when complete flexibility and customization is required.

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