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Cabinet Pro Standard(non-CNC)


Set up Cabinet Pro to build cabinets, either modular or custom, based upon your method of construction.  Customize your cutlist reports to show the information in the format you require. Create frameless cabinets and/or face frame cabinets in the same job.  Change all of your doors to another style by the click of a few keys.  Create several bidding methods to give your customer accurate bids and invoices.  Present your customer with an impressive 3D Presentation of the job you are bidding.


  • Face frame and Frameless style construction.

  • Frameless construction allows applied face frame on demand

  • Entertainment centers, modular, custom and angled cabinets.

  • Supports all drawer styles and unlimited user-defined door style library

  • Door & drawer program allows making doors & drawers without cabinets.

  • Can switch between millimeters and inches at virtually any time.

  • Re-Facing component allows entering cabinets by opening dimensions for remodeling jobs

  • Parameter-Driven parts.

  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorial instruction.

  • Security system allows users to log in with restricted use of the software.

  • Recessed Face Frame Construction, allowing another faceframe recessed inside of the main face frame.

  • At the press of a key, convert the entire program into Australian English, Canadian English, UK English, or American English

  • Allows the Depth of cabinets to include the door (for commercial applications) or not to include the door (for residential applications).  This may be changed per room, per job.

  • All versions of Cabinet Pro are Single User versions that must be installed on the C drive of a given computer.  Network Versions are additional cost

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