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This month (April 2022)  marks 5 years since we got our first CNC router. Along with Cabinet Pro Software, it has completely transformed how we do business.


The main benefits have been increased efficient material yields, increase precision of parts cut, increase abilities on unique "one offs" for custom projects. These benefits have had big trickle-down savings for all other stages of building custom cabinetry, assembling drawer boxes, cabinet boxes, mounting drawers, hinges, waste bins, pullouts of all types.... NOT ONE hole needs to be made by hand, all machining done on the CNC with Cabinet Pro Software at the steering wheel.


This Joint investment (Software and CNC) has turned into the best decision our company could have made. It has allowed growth that exceeded our expectations.


During my experience with Cabinet Pro, the staff have been able to add many enhancements to the software, most notably the customizable drawer box length and height overrides added to the cabinet editor.  We use that feature on almost every job. Many enhancements that I've requested have been added and am thankful for.


It's really nice using a software with a Human on the other end of it that is willing to listen/create a software for my shop's methods.


Cabinet Pro has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of my custom cabinet business allowing me to increase profits, reduce waste and provide greater customer satisfaction. Cabinet Pro is the most valuable tool I use in my custom cabinet shop. I have already nearly doubled my business since last year and we are only 5 months in. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great cabinet design software. As the owner of a small 3-man shop, the computer design market can be a bit daunting. I looked at several design programs and found that yours was just as versatile and quite a few times much more versatile than many programs that were two to five times more expensive. I have used the program for about 4 years now and I am very satisfied with it. I have also come to value your support and look forward to the times we talk as much for the friendship that we have developed over the years.

Having just purchased a CNC router I am looking forward to the next step of the CNC part of the program. It is of great value to me that you will give individual attention to problems that I am having and are quick to fix or explain a problem that I may be having. Thank you again for your program and support.

Eugene, Oregon

Too often in our busy lives we don’t take the time to appropriately thank those who deserve gratitude.  I wish to take this time to thank you, Frank, for your outstanding business practices.   When we began looking into the computer programs for producing designs and cutlists for our small two man shop we were taken aback by the sales pitches and prices of other programs.  The prices were way out of our reach for a start up operation like we were.

I must admit to you Frank that the first time I contacted you I was skeptical as to whether or not Cabinet Pro would do everything as advertised and at such a great price.  We are now going into our third year with Cabinet Pro and there is no looking back.  Frank, your product has done everything you said it would and more.  Your professionalism and courtesy on technical advice is outstanding.  The thing I admire the most is your honesty and integrity, two values which I deem utmost important.  We look forward to many years of continued business with you and Cabinet Pro.

It has really been a pleasure using Cabinet Pro and again Frank thank you for your honest business practices, for producing an outstanding product and your courteous support

Your competitors were going to charge us 3 times what you charged for software to design kitchens, print out accurate bids, and make cutlists.  We are very happy with your software and can customize the cutlists the way we want, which is something we couldn't do with the other software.  The capability of being able to have the cutlists print out the way we need them is very important to us, because we have 65  workers in the shop who are used to one way of reading their cutlists, and our manufacturing process is dependent upon different cutlists going to different stations.  So thank you for coming through for us.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future,

Just taking some time to express appreciation for your program. I have had the program now for 9 years, purchased at the Vegas show at about the time you were integrating the CNC capabilities.  What got me, of course, was the price, which was 1/2 to 1/3 of your competitors.  I had software at the time that I had used for several years and was about to add a CNC "module" to it.  Your complete CNC product cost was about 1/2 of just the "module" and was fully integrated without having to deal with a completely different program to run the router.

The ability to customize and build cabinets in the program is virtually unlimited.  Curves and odd shaped cabinets are easily executed and sent to the router.  I have had other programs presented to me over the years, and your program is by far the biggest bang for the buck. On-going improvement of the program and the versatility it allows lets me use it for any type of cabinet.  I've even used it to design caskets and cut them on the router!  Closets with KD fittings are easily set up with a few clicks. 

I guess the best thing about the program is that the customer becomes part of the 'team' at Cabinet Pro.  Features can be added for any individual shop's need and as such becomes a resource for other shops using the program to tweek their operation as well.

The videos answer most questions and if not,  Frank or Eliana are there to help on the phone or email.  Sometimes customers uncover a bug or other problem with the program and Frank will go right to work on it. Sometimes I find I have simply not checked the right box.  It takes some time to realize all the features of the program but is worth the effort and learning curve.

Thanks again.

I have a few comments on what my experience with Cabinet Pro has been like in the year that we’ve had it. I have now used Cabinet Pro CNC for approximately 13 months and have run a total of 140 jobs to date. I have cut a total of 3950 sheets of material in that time (I’ve been keeping track!). My CNC router cut out roughly 30,000 parts from those sheets! We have knocked off 20% of shop labor on an average job. That saved labor has allowed for us to take additional work as well. Our experience has not been one without learning curves though. We’ve had questions and issues during these 13 months and have taken advantage of your tech support several times.  That technical support, usually given immediately upon a phone call or email, has been invaluable! Thank you!

I would recommend your software to any CNC shop whether first time users or experienced. I went into it as a new user and like the way Cabinet Pro CNC gives the end user a lot of control to personalize cabinetry to our liking. Again, thank you for an excellent program at a reasonable price, and thank you for all your patience and technical support!


It has been more than five years since we started working with your Cabinet Pro CNC software. I must say I started using this software without any prior knowledge of CNC.  You helped me to understand every aspect of the software.


Thank you very much for providing a lovely service.


Furthermore we are extremely happy that you provide us constant assistance on matters relating to Cabinet Pro software.   

Once again thank you Frank and Eliana for the tremendous services that you have provided throughout past years and hoping to work with you in the future.


Wish you all the best.



We have been using Cabinet Pro for about a year now.  Our shop manufactures primarily custom commercial cabinetry.  A CNC router is used to cut 99% of our work and just about 100% of our cabinetry.  Prior to implementing Cabinet Pro we were using Alpha Cam to operate our CNC which required custom tooling, programming, and nesting for every project.  While this worked for years, it was never a perfect system.   With optimization and efficiency in mind, we looked for new programming software.  Our main issues were: 
    1) Substantial time loss for manual programming from an approved shop drawing
    2) Accuracy of manual input (extra parts, missing parts, part sizing, etc.)
    3) Ability to render 3D drawings for high-end customers requiring them


Without exception, Cabinet Pro has solved all three of these issues for us.  The amount of time saved on inputting the programs for the CNC and the overall improvement in accuracy for both the part sizing and the quantities has been invaluable.  Typically a medium sized job took about a day to translate from a shop drawing into a CNC program.   The same size job in Cabinet Pro takes less than an hour to input and is more accurate.


Aside from time savings and improved accuracy, Cabinet Pro has offered us something more by way of its technical support team, Frank and Eliana.   Despite our 3 hour time difference, they always make time to talk to us via phone and email both for standard support and, in some cases, what I would call “premium” support.  If there is no ready answer or easy fix for the problem we present to Frank, he is quick to offer solutions even if those solutions mean more work and programming for him.  Adding features and tweaking the software to better fit our company are not off the table when you are dealing with Frank and Eliana.  We’ve dealt with other software support teams for our previous programs and there is no comparison to the level of service we receive from Frank and Eliana.  They are personable to deal with and Frank’s support solutions are always tailored to our unique situation.   Custom cabinetry comes complete with custom problems so we place such a high value on the personalized and specific support we receive from Frank and Eliana.


No software system is perfect but we feel Cabinet Pro is a perfect fit for us.  As the primary user of the software, I highly recommend it both as a display tool for showcasing 3D custom casework and as a manufacturing tool for inputting custom cabinetry to a CNC router or panel saw.  Without reservation I can tell you Cabinet Pro will save you time, money, material, and ultimately sanity by streamlining and simplifying the process of manufacturing custom casework.




I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate your software.

I finally set up my edgebanding and laminate.  Wow!  What a difference!  I used to give away edgebanding as part of my overhead.  Now that I have taken the time to set up the edgebanding and laminate report and link it to the bid section, it has paid off big time.

My bids have become very accurate.  I know exactly what it will cost to build each job.  I account for each screw, shelf pin, bumper, edgebanding and the like.  There is no guess work anymore on bids.  And because I know exactly what my material costs are, my bids can be lean without losing any money.  Cabinet Pro has helped me stay in business during these challenging economic times.  Thank you for your software and your great support!

I first met you at the IWF Show in Atlanta a few years ago, but decided to purchase a more expensive program from one of your competitors.  I thought that because it was more expensive, that it must be a better product.  So I passed up your booth and bought the more expensive program.  But I was wrong.  After trying to use that software for two years, I finally gave up because it did not allow me the customization of cabinets that my shop requires.  Every time I needed to make a new customized cabinet, I had to fill out a form and send it to the software company for THEM to make it.  I would get it back in two weeks or more, by which time, the cabinet was already made!  Doing this for two years became very frustrating.  So I decided to give your software a try.

I've had your software for almost a year now and am absolutely amazed at how it allows me to customize cabinets the way I build them, and the way my customers want.  Your product is outstanding, and your service is refreshing.  Although I don't call often, when I do I need a quick response.  Your responses are always top notch!  Thank you!


This is just a note to thank you for your software and for your support.  Recently, I have had one of your competitors calling and bugging me to try their software. I told them I was very happy with Cabinet Pro and was not interested in their software. This weekend I was at a home show and ran into another builder that just purchased this same software from the company that has been bugging me. This builder told me that after 13 weeks they still have not been able to get any support to figure out how to use their new (very expensive) software! They ended up having to fly to the software company's location to be shown how to use it. I told them how great your software and service was along with its capabilities. Needless to say I wish I had spoken to them sooner because I'm sure they would have been more happy with Cabinet Pro!  Especially when he found out that you solve any problem I have in usually minutes of finding out there is a problem. I feel bad for them, because they're stuck with something they can't use!  So thank you for doing a good job, and thank you for all of your help.

We wanted to express our thanks for such a wonderful tool/program you have provided us with.  The pictures sent along with this letter will show you one of our projects we were able to create with the help of Cabinet Pro.

In our work we pride ourselves on providing a level of quality and exactness to satisfy our standards.  We make every clients pc as if it were being used in OUR homes.  This standard is one we look for in trades and companies we deal with.  We are happy to say that Cabinet Pro is one such company exacting quality and satisfaction in their product.

At the heart of it, Frank and Eliana care about us as a company (this is rare in today’s business world) and they have been instrumental with our growth and continued standard of quality.  Production time has decreased and accuracy has increased thanks to the integration of Cabinet Pro and our CNC.  We are a very custom based shop, very rarely do we make something the same.  The versatility and flexibility of every aspect of Cabinet Pro suits us very well.

Your customer support is near the best we have ever dealt with.  We look forward to many years of continued partnership in production of quality Furniture and Cabinetry!



In October 2006 I purchased a CNC router for my four man shop.  Boy, was I out of my league!  Though I had been using another design and manufacturing software for 16 years, I suddenly found myself needing a lot of help.  Until I purchased Cabinet Pro CNC I was lost.  Then came Frank Jimenez.  I very quickly learned the importance of good software and technical support.  I had no idea that there was anyone who cared as much about the success of my business as Frank.  I found myself working with a person who had a level of work and business ethics that I thought no longer existed. 

I can't tell you the changes over the past year have been easy,  but I was never alone.  We have seen our shop production increase steadily since last October and a lot of credit goes directly to Frank and Cabinet Pro CNC software.  It's one of those deals where you scratch your head and say, "How did we ever survive without it?"  Thank you Frank and Eliana for your help and your patience!   I couldn't imagine being any more satisfied with a decision than the one I made to purchase Cabinet Pro CNC. 

I would like to take this opportunity to both thank the people at Cabinet Pro for their incredible customer support.  After twelve years of dealing with cabinet software, I had given up all hope on this aspect of the industry.  I have used two previous software packages, beginning as a small cabinet shop, and growing into a large CNC operation.  Much of my time and payroll has been wasted due to incomplete upgrades, as well as down-right lies from my previous software packages.  I have had the unpleasant experience of installing a CNC router, with an incomplete post processor written by people who could care less about my business.  The total hours and dollars lost is incalculable.  Fortunately, all those issues are in the past.

When first approached with the idea of buying a new software, I immediately refused.  After it came up again I decided to watch the online demo for Cabinet Pro, and was very intrigued.  After looking at the price, I couldn't believe that the software would work as it claims.  But I decided to schedule an online presentation with the salesman anyway. In forty five minutes of demonstration and conversation I was sold on the product. The software was ordered the next day, and express shipped per my request.  Still, at this point I was hopeful, yet skeptical.  I rushed the shipping, because I assumed I would spend the next month, or so learning, and then switch over to Cabinet Pro full time.  My assumption couldn't be more incorrect, because within three days I had a cut list generated for an entire kitchen.  I think it is needless to say that at this point I was ecstatic about what had been accomplished.

As with any program, I have been stumped several times. Each time I either pick up the phone or write an email, and my questions are answered quickly.  Never once has Frank or Eliana given me the feeling that I wasn't important.  In fact, if I didn't know better, it would be easy to believe I was their only customer.


Just a note to thank you for the splendid job you’ve done to customize your already outstanding program to our specific needs here at Rosewood.  We really appreciate the direct line of communication, open at all times between us to solve the smallest problems, and to keep us on line in the shop.

Your attention to detail, and constant efforts to upgrade all aspects of Cabinet Pro is constantly paying off for us, the ease of use of your program and the endless choices of application assure us of Cabinet Pro being there to fit a specific need for as long as we can see.

After exploring all the various programs offered, from low to high priced, we chose Cabinet Pro, and are firmly convinced that the choice was a correct one.  You have our highest recommendation.

Thanking you again, and wishing you well in the future.

I have just received your latest update, and again I have to tell you how amazed I am at the power, versatility, and convenience of the program.  It has become an almost indispensable part of our operation.  We purchase all our cabinet doors from an outside source, and by using your program’s cutlist, we have reduced ordering errors to the point that the program has paid for itself in this area alone.


For over a year our small, highly custom cabinet shop has increasingly benefited from Cabinet Pro LLC’ Cabinet Pro software program.  Mainly because of our lack of computer experience, it took a while before we became comfortable enough with the program to use it fully.  Now our cabinet design, cutting lists, and bids are quickly and accurately prepared.   What pleases us the most at this point is the reduction of human errors previously made and the significant lessening of tedious paper work.

There are many of these programs on the market, and --believe me--they are all complex and difficult to master.  You will definitely need, especially at first, timely help from your vendor.  We found Mr. Jimenez to be available and helpful in regard to our numerous telephone calls for assistance.

Before purchasing Cabinet Pro, we looked at other systems as well.  We selected Cabinet Pro because of its affordability, attractiveness, and adaptability to our particular concerns.

La siguiente es para darles a conocer nuestro gran placer en haber obtenido su producto y servicios.   Es una inversion que nosotros, en Vidales Cabinets, hicimos en 2003 sin ningun  temor de lo que estabamos  adquirendo.   Y por supuesto que no nos equivocamos.  Nuestro taller es pequeño y esperamos varios meses antes de decidir ya que no podiamos seguir haciendo a mano todos los dibujos y listas de cortes.Despues de comparar los diferentes productos que hay en el mercado, nos decidimos por Cabinet Pro, porque contiene lo que la mayoria de los productos contienen pero  a un precio mucho mas bajo y razonable.  Nosotros, a pesar de ser un taller pequeño, buscabamos en el programa los mismos detallles  que un taller grande buscaria,  porque el trabajo es el mismo, solo que en cantidades menores.  Era ilogico pagar el doble o el triple por otro programa que no renderia los mismos  detalles y  mucho mas.  La ayuda tecnica que recibimos por parte de Siskyou Productos es lo maximo.  Me complazco en decir que  la ayuda que nos brindan es inmediata.

Nuestra duda, problema o pregunta se nos resuelve el mismo dia  con una llamada o correo electronico.   Y  les  estamos muy agradecidos.  Tomamos esta oportunidad para  recomendar a todo carpintero por grande o pequeño que sea su taller,  para dibujos detallados, cortes con exactitud y trabajo simplificado, lo unico que necesitan es Cabinet Pro. 



We decided to write a letter to let you know about our experience with Cabinet Pro since we have purchased the software.  We first purchased Cabinet Pro approximately 3 years ago.  Our goal was to eliminate disagreements and misunderstandings related to the design of cabinets, placement of drawers, and other items that make up a set of cabinets.  These problems needed to be confronted up front to save costly errors.  Most of all we wanted to eliminate the bad feelings customers have when any disagreement arises.  It is great when all details are discussed up front, put into a drawing (a picture is worth a million words), manufactured, delivered, installed, and presto – the customer gets what they imagined.  Your Cabinet Pro software did this for us and much more.   

We had hoped to use your software to generate a cutlist, but were skeptical about the accuracy.  But with some time invested, it was in no time that we had accurate cut lists that could be trusted.  Since that time we have used the cut list for all parts of our cabinets.  We print a shop drawing of every face frame which shows the cabinet name, overall width, width of stiles and rails, drawer opening sizes, and indicated if it is an unfinished or finished end along with the amount of reveal the face frame has to the cabinet box.  At this point Cabinet Pro did all that we had hoped for.  However, there was more to come. 


The first surprise was the decrease in time spent to cut out face frames.  We sorted the cutlist to show from the largest to the smallest face frame pieces.  It not only saved us time but also decreased the amount of wasted and unused material.  The same things happened when we used the cutlist for the finished and unfinished ends, tops, bottoms, shelves, toe kick, backs, nailers, and all the drawer parts.  The next logical step was to start using the door list.

We begin to print out a door and drawer front list using Cabinet Pro and compared it to the list we manually created.  In time our usual error rate of 3 to 10 out of 150 or so doors and drawer fronts dropped to 0 to 3 errors.  This alone was a huge cost and time savings.  The errors we have now are usually because we forget to check a box in the software, and, as a result, a door or two is left out.  We usually do not have any errors related to the wrong size doors.

 Approximately 6 months ago we leased a CNC router, and upgraded our software to Cabinet Pro CNC edition.  We now cut our cabinet box parts out with the CNC machine, using Cabinet Pro, CNC Edition.  This machine cuts out the parts, line bores our boxes, notches our toe kicks, and makes our dados.  We also, cut face frame arches with the CNC machine, using Cabinet Pro to make the code.  In the past, arches took a lot of time to draw correctly on a piece of wood, cut out on a band saw, then sand out the crooked parts.  Not now!  The arches look perfect the first time.  There has been a big time savings using the CNC Edition of Cabinet Pro, and the CNC router, along with eliminating errors. 

One last thought is whenever we have had a problem trying to use the software (usually related to our ignorance) you have always helped us out.  One main reason we decided to use Cabinet Pro was the comfort level we had that if there were a problem it would be taken care of.  Speaking from our experience over the time we have had Cabinet Pro we made the right decision and have not been disappointed.  We have gotten more from Cabinet Pro than we ever expected. 


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