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Full Program and Supporting Files

Downloading our software is supported in all browsers with the possible exception of Chrome


1.  These downloads are only for new purchases or for those who are current on this year's update fees.

2.  All Protection Software must be totally disabled prior to installation. Downloading our software is supported in all browsers with the possible exception of Chrome.

3.  You must have Administrative Rights prior to installation, otherwise the software will not be fully installed and you will have sporadic software problems.  Administrative Rights are needed for installing both the Full Program and Support File 19.

4.  Make sure your version of WINDOWS is up-to-date prior to installation.

5.  The WINDOWS protection feature, DATA EXECUTION PREVENTION, should be turned off.  This is probably already turned off and therefore needs attention only if the installation is not registering files or if the software fails to launch after installation.  If this is the case, then see DOWNLOADS - KNOWN ISSUES, and then scroll down to DATA EXECUTION PREVENTION for details on how to turn this WINDOWS feature off.

6.  To fully install Cabinet Pro or Door Pro, click to download and install each of the files shown below.  You will need the initial entry and yearly passwords that were sent to  you via email shortly after your purchase in order to use the software, but the passwords are not necessary to install the software. 

7.  The Full Program, shown at the very top of the list on the left, is an installation program where you will be guided though the installation with a Setup Wizard.

8.  Support Files 1 - 21 are required files for program operation consisting of video tutorials and graphics files.  These Support Files are stored in ZIP files.  When you download and run one of these files, you will be required to click the UNZIP button   Do not click the "Run Winzip" button. Simply press the UNZIP button. Do not change the location where these files will be located.  NOTE:  Some security systems will ask if you want to RUN the downloaded file.  Respond to these questions in the affirmative.

Download Each File Below

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