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1/2 Day of Training


ONE Day of Training


TWO Days of Training


FOUR Days of Training


After Training and/or Programming is purchased, Cabinet Pro LLC will either confirm your suggested date, or schedule a different date for Training/Programming to commence. 


What does a day of training consist of?

One day of training equates to 3 hours of actual instruction spread out over an 8-hour period.  All other Training options, except hourly training, are proportional to this time allocation.  If more than 3 hours is necessary for actual instruction, then up to 1 1/2 times the standard rate may be charged.

General Guidelines for Selecting Training

Training in the use of Cabinet Pro is divided into 4 distinct Categories:

1. Construction Methods  and Generating Accurate Cut Lists:  1/2 Day of Training

2. Pricing: 1/2 Day of Training

3. the Floorplan Designer: 1 day of Training

4. CNC Setup and Processing: 1 Day of Training

Training in the use Door Pro is divided into 2 distinct categories:

1. Door Setup, Cut lists, and Pricing:  1/2 Day of Training

2. CNC Setup and Processing:  1/2 Day of Training

Note: All training must be completed with 30 days of being paid for or scheduled.  After that time, all training and all money paid that is not used in training are forfeited, and the scheduled training shall be cancelled.  There is no such deadline on Programming/Consultation.

Training and/or Programming shall only be given on the current version of Cabinet Pro or Door Pro.  Training shall not be given on old versions.

Training given in Spanish shall incur twice the Standard Rate, since an interpreter and an instructor will be required.

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