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Panel Optimization

Cabinet Pro’s panel optimizer is designed to optimize material yield, decrease costs, and increase efficiency.

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Both the Standard and the Premium Optimizers perform as follows:

  1. Optimizes for a Panel Saw and/or for the CNC Router

  2. Allows full rips or crosscuts for panel saw, or maximum optimization for CNC

  3. Allows for user-defined kerf when processing non-CNC

  4. Allows for user-defined and automated tool & diameter per material

  5. Allows custom adjustment for width and length of parts optimized

  6. Allows maximum and minimum part widths and lengths to be optimized

  7. Automatic entry of all appropriate panels into the optimizer.

  8. In addition to automatic entry, allows manual entry of panels into the optimizer.

  9. Allows numerous sub-rips within each rip.

  10. Initial edge cutoffs for width and length per panel.

  11. Minimum part width and lengths that should be optimized.

  12. Allows no grouping so that maximum optimization is achieved.

  13. Allows grouping by part, so that all like parts are optimized on the same sheet(s), if possible.

  14. Allows grouping by cabinet, so that all parts of a given cabinet are optimized on the same sheet(s), if possible.

  15. If grouped, the optimizer can allow groups to be mixed on the same sheet or not.

  16. Links door panels to their corresponding drawer fronts as they appear on a cabinet (requires the grain matching module)

  17. Allows saving as DXF files

  18. Automatically generates CNC Code to machine and cut out parts for nested-based, point to point, or pod & rail CNC routers.

  19. Prints report on optimized parts, including percent yield.

  20. Allows user-defined actual and visual origins.

  21. Optimizes panels of any dimension.

  22. User-defined Labels on each part of the optimized sheet.

  23. Shows which edges are being edgebanded.

  24. Multiple methods of dimensioning each rip (for panel saws)

  25. For each cabinet, parts are displayed along with the panel that contains them.

  26. User-defined labels may be carved into each part (requires CNC)

  27. Order by which parts are cutout is user-defined. (requires CNC)


In addition, the Premium Optimizer allows the following:

  1. Use of left-over remnants to virtually eliminate material waste

  2. Automatically store remnants in Inventory for use in another job

  3. Allows parts to be rotated (when grained) for a better yield or to avoid defective areas of a panel

  4. Prohibit selected parts from EVER being rotated, even on MDF

  5. Choice of Optimization Method per cutlist

  6. View and Control the ORDER in which parts are cut out

  7. Re-Optimize with different settings

  8. View the detailed and dimensioned Machining of each part

  9. Remove parts after optimization and then automatically re-optimize

  10. Add Remnants in addition to automated Remnants

  11. Produce SINGLE PART CNC files along with NESTED CNC files

  12. Allows moving parts from one panel to another.

  13. Allows moving parts from one location to another on the same panel to avoid defective areas of a panel

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