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Cabinet Pro Miscellaneous Machining for Hardware

Cabinet Pro allows all hardware, not just drawer guides, hinges, and pulls, to have their associated and custom machining performed automatically.

Cabinet Pro's Automatic Tool Selection

Cabinet Pro allows for automatic tool selection for a designated machining operation. This feature will replace the tool when necessary in order to adjust to material changes, which makes your machining more accurate and efficient.

Cabinet Pro Supports Lockdowel

With Cabinet Pro CNC you can streamline the design and production of modular and custom cabinets when using Lockdowel or a combination of fasteners. Watch this video to learn how Cabinet Pro works with Lockdowel.

Dovetail Joint with CNC Router

Watch Cabinet Pro software machine a drawer box with a CNC router, making half-blind dovetail joints.

Panel Optimization

Standard and Premium Optimizer: Maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste!

Panel Optimization showing Edgebanding

This video shows how Cabinet Pro can display which sides of each part are to be edge banded.

Order Parts that are cut out

Cabinet Pro allows 2 different sorts for processing CNC. One sort controls the order in which parts will be machined, while the 2nd sort controls the order in which parts will be cut out.

CNC Smart Automation

Shows how CNC operations are performed automatically based upon Smart CNC Rules.

Blind Dado Construction

Explores how Blind Dado construction is supported in Cabinet Pro Software.

Multiple Routers and RazorGage

Cabinet Pro supports simultaneous use of Multiple CNC Routers.

Smart CNC Machining

Shows some of the features of how Cabinet Pro produces accurate machining automatically using its unique Smart CNC Rules.

Intelligent Machining of Backs and Sides

See how Cabinet Pro's Smart CNC Rules can save you money and increase your profits.

Material Thickness Variations

Cabinet Pro handles material thickness in CNC Processing very efficiently.

Machining for Door Hinge Plates

Cabinet Pro CNC can automatically drill the hinge plate holes for doors, as well as generate a door hinge location report.

Machining for Custom Cabinets

CNC Router support for the Woodworking Industry in placing dado cuts automatically, based upon cabinet design, to accomodate vertical and horizontal partitions within a cabinet.

Drilling Patterns in Cabinet Pro CNC

Describes the various methods of drilling holes with the CNC router in Cabinet Pro CNC.

MDF Doors

Describes the making of MDF doors in Cabinet Pro and how to process them for CNC machining.

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